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I’ve decided to try an experiment. Up to this point, I’ve planned on making some cash back by selling music through this game. However! I recently have been thinking about seeking out a sponsor. Double-dipping, as it were.

The advantages:

  1. A little extra cash up front. This would give me a cushion in case bandwidth is way more expensive than I’ve planned for.
  2. Partners me with someone else who really wants to get my game out there, for all the tasty traffic back to their site.
  3. Allows me access to ad networks like CPMStar.

The disadvantages

  1. Kinda dilutes the experiment I’m doing here. If the whole point is to put my music in front of web traffic, why would I send it back to GenericFlashGamePortal.com?
  2. Removes a bit of street cred. I can’t label it PIXELWELDERS anymore.
  3. Pre-roll ads are lame. Inter-level ads are lamer.

However! I really have no data with which to make a decision. I don’t even know what kind of money we’re talking about here; at some point it is surely worth it to sell out and put a splash screen on my game, right? I have a price; I can be bought just like anyone else.

Therefore, I’m going to put this up on FlashGameLicense.com. The system seems about the best one can hope for, and I know they’ve been around for awhile. I’ll give it six weeks (mostly because that’s what they recommend), and then we’ll see what happens.

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