In Which I Reject a Sponsorship for my Flash Game

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So here’s the thrilling conclusion to my sponsorship adventures. In fact, I’ll put the tl;dr right up front.

tl;dr I didn’t take a sponsorship.

The story! My top bid remained at $4,000 throughout the entire process, and both major sites that had been circling me and emailing me pretty much daily decided that they couldn’t take the risk. That’s easy enough to understand; it’s kinda a weird game and I’ve got billboards for my own music all throughout it. I also think it’s somewhat like an adventure game, where one experience is just about enough; only the truly hardcore go for 100% completion by replaying levels.

All that to say: fair enough. I did end up agreeing to a sponsorship deal with the top bidder. However! As soon as I pressed that button I began having some second thoughts. Not thrashing-in-bed-at-3AM second thoughts, but concerns nonetheless. And possibly some pride issues. I had spent one year on Killbot and its soundtrack; was I really going to take $4,000 for that year of work? Sure, $4,000 is better than $0, but will I be reducing potential revenue from the music from all the extra sponsor links? Will I not be, in a nutshell, selling out?

Fortunately, it turned out that the sponsor wanted even more branding than their bid stated. I say fortunately because that’s exactly what I needed to break the agreement. It turned out that FlashGameLicense has changed how bids work (at least if this sponsor is to be believed), and there was some misunderstanding on both sides. So I was actually pretty thrilled that we could break things off with no hard feelings (other than slight annoyance that I waited an extra six weeks to release for nothing).

So that’s the end of the sponsorship saga for Killbot. I lost the deal, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m the underdog again! I’m following my dreams, taking risks, and all kinds of other clichés. At least now, whether it’s a success or a failure, it’ll be on my terms.

5 thoughts on “In Which I Reject a Sponsorship for my Flash Game

  1. I read this like it was an episode of Shark Tank. I always upset when the people that go on that show lose all focus once they realize they are going to get an offer and are blinded by the moneys. I’m glad you were not blinded.

    The game is awesome, the music is awesome, time for the world to take notice.

  2. Way to go! Killbot is better than sponsorship! You belong to a very small sect of artists who actually publish a finished project by themselves.

  3. I’m about to add your lovely game and was looking for the sponsor info when I came across this.

    I think it’s a good thing you didn’t get a sponsorship and pulled out, for a years worth of work you’ve created something brand-able here. If I were you I would continue making games in the same vein and publishing them with a pre game ad (mochi) similar to what ninjadoodle do.

    Your music billboards are hardly noticeable so I would definatley put a pre game ad in there.

    I no longer bid on games at fgl (I never win) the big boys make sure of that.

    If you do implement an ad let me know and I’ll replace it.


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