Killbot Pre-Beta!

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I’m leaving this up for posterity, but I’m thrilled to announce that it’s now out of date. The latest beta is here.

What is a “pre-beta”?

If there was something before beta, we’d call it that. Sadly, there’s not. So, “pre-beta” it is!

How it works

Killbot is an experiment in music and gaming. It’s a webgame, yes, but it’s also an album of music. Heads and tails, Abbot and Costello, that kind of thing. But there’s a twist! You can buy and download the album like any other, or you unlock it piece by piece by playing the game!

So try it out and let’s see how this goes. And please, tell us what you think in the comments below!

Play Killbot!

3 thoughts on “Killbot Pre-Beta!

  1. Zack, gorgeous design. Quick thoughts after only 5 minutes of gameplay (because I got frustrated after I kept dying in the water).

    Gameplay reminds me of the Fancy Pants franchise, because of the look and feel. But because of that, I felt limited by Killbot’s motion. I didn’t jump as high or as fast as I expected. In Fancy Pants, it’s extremely hard to die. With Killbot, I drowned 3 times and stopped playing before passing the first level (do we have to respawn at the beginning?)

    If it’s a strategy game, I can accept it being hard (and dying). But, if it’s simply an explorative physics + musical experience, my suggestions are to make it easier (make dying really hard) and let my movements be bigger. (I’d also like to use the arrow keys over the Qwerty controls)

    You know the game’s gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. Love the idea.

  2. Congratulations, you’ve managed to cram every lame indie cliche into one giant ball of crap. If you were playing a indie game cliche drinking game, you’d die of alcohol poisoning. I’d rather pour drain-o into my ears than hear any more of that music, btw.

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