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I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and I think I might as well be transparent about the process. Everyone seems to play it pretty close to the vest, so to speak, so I wasn’t able to find much info on sponsorships. What’s Killbot! worth? I’ll just avoid burning bridges by naming names.

So as of today, I have three bids. One for $500, from a very large site ($500? really?). REJECTED. One for $1500, from a smaller site, and then one for $4000 from the same site (maybe they played it again?). So, effectively, one bid for $4000. That’s a pretty good weekend in Vegas, but for the amount of polish I’ve put on Killbot I’m going to go ahead and hope for more. I also have received tentative off-the-record offers, but I’ll wait to see whether they actually place a bid before I take them too seriously.

Looking at it from a business point of view (and not being all artistic and attached and whatnot), it’s interesting to pick it apart and analyze it. As I mentioned in this post, SteamBirds is a brilliant game that is just perfect for a sponsorship, and it was done in three months (one month of work from the primary developer). Killbot is a game built for another purpose (to market music) and was retrofitted for a sponsorship at the last second. They both received a rating of 8 from FlashGameLicense’s editors, but one got bids up to $45,000 and one is currently sitting at $4,000. Interesting? I definitely think so.

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