The Problem of Sound Effects

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We’re getting pretty close to “vertical slice,” which is what my friends who are real game designers call a section of the game that looks and plays exactly like the finished game will. The rest of the game is in more of a wireframe version–playable but artless, like M. Bison.

This leads us, in an indirect way, to today’s question: what does a game sound like that takes place entirely in someone’s head?

On the one hand, the entire game takes place in some guy’s notebook and mind. We’ve all been there: when you launch rockets or blow up buildings you say “KRRRROOOOOOWWWW” and when you shoot guns you say “PWWWW”. Unless the gun has a silencer on it, in which case you say “PFFF”.

So then, do we take that literally? Do we actually bring in someone to stand in front of a microphone and say “KRRRROOOOOOWWWW” and “PWWW” and “PFFF”, or do we use the sounds that those things stand for, the ones that are happening in our head as we doodle? We don’t know yet.

The other problem is that this game is also a showcase for music. Will mouth noises blend with “Water Dragon” or “Sunrise Over Megatokyo”? This alone might make us go the more traditional route, with the sounds that were happening in our heads instead of the ones the people sitting next to us heard.

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