So here’s the thrilling conclusion to my sponsorship adventures. In fact, I’ll put the tl;dr right up front. tl;dr I didn’t take a sponsorship. The story! My top bid remained at $4,000 throughout the entire process, and both major sites that had been circling me and emailing me pretty much daily decided that they couldn’t […]

In Which I Reject a Sponsorship for my Flash Game

Since I took down the beta for sponsorship purposes, I think it only fair that I put up some screens of the new levels. That’s right; Killbot is trying out some new careers.

New Screenshots

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this, and I think I might as well be transparent about the process. Everyone seems to play it pretty close to the vest, so to speak, so I wasn’t able to find much info on sponsorships. What’s Killbot! worth? I’ll just avoid burning bridges by naming names. So […]

Sponsorship Update

So here’s what I’ve learned from the sponsorship process so far. FGL’s got a lot of helpful documents on their site; plus, there’s a lot of anecdotal stuff floating around if you ask the right people. For the time being, I’m focusing entirely on sponsorship; selling ads is a whole different kettle of squid. First […]

Sponsorship – What Can I Make?

I’ve decided to try an experiment. Up to this point, I’ve planned on making some cash back by selling music through this game. However! I recently have been thinking about seeking out a sponsor. Double-dipping, as it were. The advantages: A little extra cash up front. This would give me a cushion in case bandwidth […]


Well, I think we’ve progressed enough to call this a real beta. It’s got four levels currently (although I’m considering redesigning the first; it’s just not as fun as the ones that follow, which is a terrible introduction. It’s like intentionally being boring on a first date.) Anyway. New Features Killbot is much more athletic […]

Killbot!: Beta 2

It may be that you haven’t played Killbot! because you just haven’t had the time. Well, if you have sixty seconds, you can now experience pretty much all the good parts of Killbot. Just kidding. They’re all good parts.

Killbot!: Gameplay Video #1


Killbot Pre-Beta!


The Problem of Sound Effects



Here’s an interesting problem for you, from a completely hypothetical situation. Let’s say you’re designing a game to match a soundtrack, rather than the other way around. Not to the extent of, say, [Plastic Instrument] Hero™ or other rhythm games, but certainly not the typical oh-crap-we-forgot-the-music mentality. Let’s say further that you’ve decided to design […]

The Soundtrack Problem