Heat Signature – Soundtrack (?)

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My brother told me a couple days ago that Tom Francis (the guy behind Gunpoint) was A) working on an awesome-looking game called Heat Signature, and B) looking for a composer. Wasting no time, I wrote a bunch of music and scored his latest developer video. This was, of course, to impress him so he will hire me, because I really want to do Heat Signature’s soundtrack.

While the game is obviously Tom’s all the music is mine. I’m departing significantly from the standard two-track approach, because that makes for boring soundtracks. This “track” is in four sections, each of which have several available layers and versions. The idea is that the music engine decides on what combination to play depending on what is currently going on in the game. This gives the system dozens of unique possibilities.

The second thing to notice is the transition system. The track has two transitions that can be used to move from section to section. These allow the music engine a little more grace when it is switching between sections based on the action, which is useful in a game where the player may go through several modes in seconds (e.g. flying solo to sneaking to killing to piloting to being killed). Examples: 3:15 and 5:55.

As always, if you want more you can find it at https://soundcloud.com/uskillbotics.

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