Killbot – Lifecycle Summary

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Killbot’s had a pretty good run. Here are the stats after two months.

A good run, but not a great run. It didn’t do as well as I hoped on some of the big sites (Kongregate in particular).

Newgrounds: 48k plays, 4.08/5, Daily 5th Place, Featured Game

Newgrounds is a great community, and they were really supportive of Killbot. Unfortunately, it didn’t make much of a splash even as a featured game.

Kongregate: 35.5k plays, 3.69/5

Rough start on Kongregate (3.4 after the first couple days), but it improved. Slightly. And of course, on Kongregate you can implement their API for achievements and scoreboards, but you have to wait for the admins to actually make the achievements. With Killbot, they never did. Sadface.

Critical Reception

Kind of a funny thing to say about a Flash game, but it does exist.

BrowserRousers – “Browser-based games are becoming bolder and bolder with time, and I’d say that Killbot! is a prime example of this trend.”

FlashMush – 8.5/10 “Killbot! is one of the most unique flash games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.” (aw, shucks)

JayIsGames – 4.4/5

e4 – “One of the best platformers of recent times.”  – yet 57% in user reviews (ouch)

Kinda like music. You can get plenty of good reviews without selling anything.

What Should Change

  1. Killbot had a couple pretty major bugs at launch that I just couldn’t reproduce no matter hard I tried. Only after I got a big data set of problems could I track them down. Unfortunately, I think that contributed to some of the low scores. As time went on and bugs were fixed, reviews and scores improved. By that time, though, it was already off the front page of many sites. And many more sites had posted a buggy version.
  2. The accompanying music was played, downloaded, and commented on many many times… but not purchased. Why? Maybe because it sucked. Hopefully because I gave away so much of it.
  3. I didn’t know what was fun and what wasn’t until I released it. Solution? Earlier testing.


So what’s next? Well, I guess I put these lessons to work in Killbot 2.

4 thoughts on “Killbot – Lifecycle Summary

  1. Killbot really would’ve deserved more attention (and higher ratings) than it got – for me, it was one of the most enjoyable games in quite a while.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of music sales, too, but I can assure you it can’t have been due to the music sucking – it didn’t. Maybe it’s because you could actually download the full album for free; in any case, though, you got your name out there, and you’re on people’s radars now.

    Looking forward to Killbot 2, too! :)

    • I’m glad to hear that. Maybe the sequel minus some bugs will make a bigger splash. And I think you’re right on the music too; I’m just too nice.

  2. KILLBOT is amazing!
    i really like the game and i think you should get higher ratings
    AND the music is my favourate part of it i absolutly dig it!

    hopes u making more


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