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So here we are, finally at the part where I actually release Killbot into the wild. And fortunately, today was an honest-to-God sick day from work. I mean, I actually have strep throat, doctor’s note and everything. And so I spent the day making a Newgrounds version of Killbot. And uploaded it.

Killbot on Newgrounds!

Now why, you may ask, does Newgrounds need a special version? Because they have a site-wide metagame, which I believe every Flash portal needs to have. Right now. Newgrounds isn’t actually as expansive as Kongregate’s, but at least at Newgrounds you get to control it yourself. They give you two tools: scoreboards and badges.

Scoreboards of course have been around since the dawn of time. And in Killbot, anyone can get the highest score (100%) given enough time, which means that everyone on the scoreboard would have the same score. Boring. So! I just set up two scoreboards, one for time to completion and one for time to 100%. Simple, but plenty of room to be competitive. And of course I put a pretty good time in as PIXELWELDERS, just to add some extra incentive to get to the top.

Next up: badges. Brilliant idea, whoever came up with that. For some reason, there’s something really gratifying about collecting them. So here’s what I came up with:

These span the standard range: Progression –> Persistence –> Obsession. The first six are just for completing the levels. The next six are for achieving 100% completion in each level. The last two are for finishing the game and for achieving 100% on the game.

Newgrounds also allows you to set point values on your badges, so I made sure the hard badges gave enough points to make it worth it. If you’re going to ask for a time commitment from someone, at least make it worth their while, right?

Anyway, so that’s the story. Killbot is on Newgrounds. Go play it!

One thought on “Now on Newgrounds!

  1. I comment this to give some light about low ratings on Kong. Actually, at the same time when the game and others games work fine on my pc, with latest flash player, I can’t play the game on Kong. It shows that it loads (with those colours filling the areas) but the buttons (“Play” and etc) don’t appear. I believe that other players must have the same problem as me, because from the comments of people you can see there who have actually played the game on kong the ratings and feedback was really good! So maybe, from a certain time and after, the game doesn’t load correctly on Kong so most of ratings pull the total rating down.

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