U.S. Killbotics – Songs About Robots RELEASED

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Ladies and gentlemen, I could not be more PROUD. U.S. Killbotics has gone from just a twinkle in my eye to a real twelve-track release! Twelve tracks! Not to mention all the tracks that I cut out to get it down to that (which, hopefully, will find a home someday). This is a real bona-fide distillation of groove, pressed down and shaken together, deadly in small amounts (and, as careful field testing as proved, extremely effective as a driving soundtrack, albeit one that sometimes makes you miss exits).

So yeah, I’m excited. And on Monday, we see what happens when one combines a real soundtrack and a web game.

Songs About Robots

U.S. Killbotics – Songs About Robots

This 12-track album is a sprawling study in contrast, featuring 8-bit bleeps, Middle Eastern vocals sliced and diced six ways to Sunday, twisted classical guitars, annihilated pianos, and melodies constructed of sounds past all recognition, all served up over a bed of grinding bass and head-nodding beats.

Songs About Robots, Volume 0 - U.S. Killbotics

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3 thoughts on “U.S. Killbotics – Songs About Robots RELEASED

  1. I just wanted to say I absolutely love your music. I plan on convincing my mom to buy it for me soon. Keep up the amazing work please.

  2. Hey Zack!! I found your game and music from Reddit!!

    I LOVE IT!! I bought your album straight away!! I’m telling everyone on FB about it! hopefully get your stuff out there more.. :)

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