Winter is Coming

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It was almost a joke–graveyard humor, you know? The whole world finally pulling together, pulling carbon out of the air, making things beautiful again… and what happens? Well, nobody really knows. All we know for sure is that it was wasted effort. Who cares if the world runs on solar power, if the sun is burning out? And the worst part is that we don’t understand any of it. I for one always thought we’d have more to fear from each other. I guess it hasn’t been all bad, though. If you listen to the eggheads it’s the best thing that could have happened to us. My nephew is one of them, working on some big project to get us off the planet. Or some of us, anyway. I know I’m staying hereā€“not that I’ve got an invitation offworld or anything. But even if I did, I’m a little old to be traipsing around the universe. I’ll sit right here, drink some beers, shovel the walk every once in awhile, and die with my world.

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