PSA: We’ve Got Ourselves a Problem Here

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Killbot’s doing really well in certain areas. Spain, for instance. Latin America. Poland, for some reason. But there’s one place it’s not doing well yet, and that’s on Kongregate. And why? I’ll have to leave that to another post.

But, if you’re a Killbot fan, please remember to rate it after you play. Thanks!
Rate Killbot on Kongregate!

EDIT – 27 Feb 2012: Kongregate continues to suck (11,664 views, 3.57 stars, 835 ratings), and I’m not sure why. I’m going to have to do some Kongregate-specific promotion, apparently.

4 thoughts on “PSA: We’ve Got Ourselves a Problem Here

  1. a 3.5 isnt bad, its nearly impossible to get a 4+, since the biggest break in votes come from people who give either 4 or 5 (and stupid no mute 1/5 people as well). Your game was interesting. The physics was there, the effort was there, but there wasn’t any flow to it. There are tons of bugs(?), not sure if you left the game like that on purpose, but i was able to get into areas that had nothing to do with levels, and then other parts just didnt make sense, i was able to just go around the main parts. Also stars, i’m not sure what stars had anything to do with the game, it was fairly easy to get 100% completion, and it didnt take much effort, which for that reason I think a 3.57 is about reasonable for your game. Its not solid, but it has potential to it. I really liked the mechanics of the game, just nothing else was up to par with the games on kongregate that are rated 4.0+ like Sonny or Musaic Box. I’d like to see a sequel with more attention to detail put into it, and you got a 5 from me on kong.

    • Thanks for the feedback. And yeah; the bugs kinda started coming out once I had a ton of people playing it. I’m curious as to what you mean about areas outside levels, or getting around the main parts. What are you referring to there?

    • The way to earn from Kongregate is from the advertising share from Flash games you’ve upaloded to the site. They must be games you own though; you’re not allowed to upload other peoples’ games.

      • Yeah, but even that doesn’t seem to make much. I’m seeing less than 2/10s of a cent per person. So, $66 for the 35k people who played the game.

        Granted, 35k is not a very good showing for a decent game on Kongregate. At the same rate, a million plays would get me $1800. That’s money, sure, but you’d have to make games very quickly to make that a living.

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