Week 1: A Retrospective

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Seriously, putting Google Analytics in this game was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Because now, check out what I have! These are the stats from all the copies of the game everywhere on the Internet. (You can read “Site” as “Game” for all of this).

The “Pageviews” and “Pages/visit” numbers are actually not very useful, since all my menus and levels count as pages. Same with “Bounce”, because most people who have waited for a game to load will make at least one click on it. Most interesting numbers to me? The average person apparently plays 2.4 times. Very interesting indeed.

Apparently the game is at least a little sticky.

Notice that Spanish and Portuguese are running pretty close to English. That’s interesting since this is such a language-heavy game. It got heavy rotation on a few Spanish and Portuguese sites, but still the question remains: why?

Next time, I’ll go through what portals gave me how many views. Hint: notdoppler wins.

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