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“Oh. My. GOD. Are you–?”

Jen looked up from her book and flashed that famous self-depracating smile, the one that had catapulted her to superstardom as Onlooker #2 a decade ago.

“It is you! Jessica is going to flip! Can I– can you– I have a pen, I think…” She clawed through the contents of her purse, desperate.

Jen leaned back in her chair and waited. It was cute, really, how starstruck some of the leads were.

“Here!” She thrust the pen and a crumpled CVS receipt at Jen, heedless of the change falling from her purse. “If you could just make it out to ‘Lacey,’ I would– ohmigod I can’t believe I ran into you.”

Jen smiled again as she took the pen. She suspected it was not an accident, but she was gracious. “Lacey with an IE or EY?”

Lacey tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “EY,” she said, still breathless. “Thank you so much. I’m such a fan. I loved your work as Surprised Passenger.”

Jen laughed as she signed. “Not everyone recognized me in that one.”

“Oh I did! And then as Freeway Reporter! That’s what made me quit acting school. I just couldn’t imagine spending my life doing big roles after that.”

Jen gave her a mentorly smile as she handed back the receipt. “Good for you! I didn’t figure that out until I had a theater degree and three starring roles under my belt.”

Lacey slipped the signed receipt into her purse. “Yeah, this is my first lead and I’m already a little… tired of it, I guess? I’m really looking forward to trying something smaller.” She stepped a little closer. “Would you– could I just ask one question?” When Jen nodded, she continued. “So, like, out of all the roles you’ve had… which one was most fulfilling?”

Jen got this question enough that she had a well-rehearsed reply ready. She pursed her lips. “You know, this is a little funny, but I’d have to say Praying Woman from–“

“Ohmigod I knew it! That was– that was just amazing how you– and they were like– and nobody even knew it was you at first!” Lacey suddenly became aware of Jen’s book and slightly impatient expression. “I just have to say thank you so much. I have to get back to the set but I’m so glad I ran into you!”

“Anytime,” said Jen, and went back to her book.

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