Long Nights

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I am nearly delirious right now, but I want to make sure I get this on paper before I pass out because there’s no telling when I will wake up again. That’s why I always try to stay up as long as possible; I have to get as much living in as possible every “day.”

It didn’t used to be this bad. When I was a kid I slept like normal, but as I grew older it got worse. I slept for twelve hours a night, and then fifteen, and pretty soon I was sleeping days away. As you can imagine, it completely destroyed my college education, not to mention job prospects.

As life progressed I realized that things weren’t going to get better. I put together a couple small businesses to support myself. They were just little things, but I didn’t have to babysit them and that was the important part. Meanwhile I was sleeping longer and longer every “night.”

I turned forty sometime during my last sleep, which was six and a half weeks long. I’m estimating seven for this next one, which will start in a few minutes, whenever I get too tired to continue. I hope I’ve gotten everything in order, because there’s no changing them now.

Okay, I can’t go any longer. See you in a couple months.

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