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Jonsarian is a People Person. That’s using the modern sense of the phrase, the one coined and copyrighted by the Communitech Corporation. Jonsarian is, in a completely literal sense, xer own little community.

Imagine yourself with your small group of best friends, the ones who know everything about you. Now imagine what it would be like if that were literally true. If they knew every single thing that you’ve done or thought of dreamed, because they’ve done, thought, and dreamed those things too. If they shared your memories, your ambitions for the future, and the knowledge of your past. If they could comfort you in your hurt and celebrate in your happiest times. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most people, but to a People Person it’s just a typical day.

Jonsarian is a triple, but the Communitech software supports up to eight individuals. The octos are rare, but you know them when you see them. With a double or even a triple, you can still see the original personalities. Normally you’ll only be talking to one at a time, although the others may be listening in the background. However, as more people join you begin to see a sort of cumulative personality. It’s not the average of all those individuals; it’s the sum. It sounds a little creepy in theory, but in practice it just manifests as wisdom and empathy. Imagine what you would be like after living eight lifetimes, with over five hundred years of experience.

When the first People Persons appeared, many people were concerned about the amplifying effect this could have on individuals with personality disorders. Imagine joining half a dozen sociopaths, for example; common sense tells you that you would end up with a Hitler or a Kinton. In practice, however, the opposite happens. It turns out that the best cure for anti-societal tendencies is… enforced society.

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