Spin the Bottle

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“Let’s play spin the bottle!” said Anna King, in the middle of a very slow backflip. She was one of those people who never stop moving, which is a much more noticeable trait in zero-g.

I shrugged with my best nonchalance and said “Sure,” but inside I was nearly screaming because Lucas Cruz was here. I had developed the worst kind of crush on him ever since his family arrived on the station. They were from somewhere in South America, somewhere where the the boys are apparently gorgeous.

Everyone else agreed. “Who’s going first?” asked Anna.

“I don’t mind,” I said, as if I were doing everyone else a favor. I was doing my best not to make eye contact with Lucas because I felt like he’d know what I was planning.

They pushed me to the middle of the room and spun me. You don’t want to spin the “bottle” too fast because then it takes forever for the air resistance to slow them down. Once everybody pulls away the bottle puts their arms and legs out to slow down faster, and also because it gives a little control over the situation.

That’s the difference between this version and the gravity version, with a real bottle. With the bottle you have to try to give it just the right amount of momentum to point to the person you’re hoping to kiss. With the zero-g version, you have control every step of the way. The real skill is in pretending that you’re not controlling it, that it’s a total accident that you are now motionless and pointed directly at Lucas Cruz.

It was my first kiss, and it was as awkward in zero-g as it would have been on a couch or a car backseat planetside. But sometimes I think back and wonder whatever happened to Lucas Cruz, and if he remembers that kiss too.

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