The Shinar Program

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Mx. Chou
Planetary Studies
Nov 19, 2305

by: Paulo Vidal (Age 9 3/4)

The Shinar Program

The Great Break was an important event in human history, for three reasons. First, it changed us from one world government to many small governments, like we were the past. Second, it stopped progress on the Shinar (aka Destiny) program. And third, it changed our relations with our neighbors in space.

First of all, Earth had one world government for almost 100 years. We didn’t have wars anymore, only little fights between states sometimes. This meant that we had more resources, because all the states had to share what they could make. Some states gave natural resources, some gave people, and some states gave ideas. This worked very well and it was the reason that the Destiny program started.

Second of all, the Destiny program was a plan to start moving people off of Earth. It was supposed to take twenty years, but we were going to move millions of people. There’s nowhere to live in our solar systems except for Earth, so we were going to move to Kapteyn’s Star because it has a planet we could live on. There was nobody else living there because we checked, but the Guides didn’t want us to go.

Third of all, the Guides, which we learned about last term, told us that we weren’t ready to go yet. This made a lot of people mad because they didn’t want the Guides to tell us what to do because they weren’t from Earth. The government decided to go ahead with the Destiny project, so the Guides said that they were going to leave and come back in 100 years to see how we were doing. As soon as they left, the Great Break happened. Everybody started talking different languages, like in the old days. There were some big wars again, which made the world government fell apart and Destiny stop.

In conclusion, the Great Break was an important event in human history. It changed us from one government to many countries, it stopped the Destiny program, and it made us not trust the Guides anymore. But when they come back maybe they will say that now we are ready, and the Destiny program will start again.

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